Our Product Process

The Story of Cafetinto

We wished to create a coffee that not only tastes great and has health benefits, but can also be made anywhere without the need for tools. We also wanted to take it a step further and create a product that was eco-friendly and could help us assist the Pereira community here in Colombia. We believe that with Cafetinto, we’ve managed to produce what we’ve been hoping for and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! This has been many years of hard work and envisioning in the making and we’re beyond prepared to share our dreams.

The steps to making Cafetinto is difficult, but we believe they are more than worth it to give you our very best. Check out our work and methods below!

Coffee Harvesting

Our workers pick the ripest coffee beans directly off the plants from the farms of Colombia. We make sure to pick off only the beans that are at their peak of freshness. Any beans that are under or overripe are immediately filtered out; we only consider the absolute best in the product we deliver to you.


Before we can start the process of turning these beans into glorious coffee strains, we first give them a nice, thorough wash to prepare them for coffee-making. The beans are all laid out under the sun to dry for maximum fermentation so as to produce the most intense coffee flavor possible. This allows our coffee to take on the boldest flavors with hints of complex nuances for the best coffee-drinking experience. Why settle for mediocre flavors when we can take it up a notch?

Ground Coffee

Every single coffee bean is then ground by hand to just the right texture. Our workers take out the extra time and care to make sure the grinding process is just right – the beans are ground to be not too fine, but not too coarse either. We’ve taken out the work in grinding your own beans and made them the perfect texture for them to be dissolved straight into hot water. No need to worry about busting out the machines or elbow grease, we’ve got it down to a science.

Ground Panela

All of our sugarcane, like our coffee beans, are sourced and grown directly from the farms in Colombia. Our experienced farmers make sure to only pick the finest sugarcane branches available to be included in the Cafetinto process. Once they’ve hit peak maturity, our farmers cut down the stalks by hand to be used for later boiling. The stalks are then cut into smaller sections and ground even smaller for easier use. This helps to produce the highest amount of molasses post-boiling and makes it easier to extract the natural sugar goodness.

Boiled Panela

Our most important step is making sure our ground Panela sugarcane stalks produce the sticky Blackstrap molasses we use for our natural sugar source. The stalks are placed into a large vat and boiled and tended to until they produce the sticky and sweet syrup. Once they reach maximum concentration levels, the molasses are then removed from the pots and laid out to dry until they become solid and easier to handle. Though the process is long, we believe it produces the tastiest form of a healthy sugar source and will only use the best for our products.

   Panela Sugar

Our last steps in creating the sugar crystals involve multiple filtering processes, both during and after the sugarcane boiling, to remove all possible impurities. The hardened molasses are then consistently stirred and pulverized into the finely ground sugar that we use for our products. The remaining particles are put through a mill to be filtered to the same shape and crushed again to be even smaller. The end product is an organic sugar resource that has far more health benefits than the refined white sugar found in stores. Combined with our coffee blend, this makes your morning drink both healthy and deliciously sweet.

Final Product

Once everything has been ground and filtered to perfection, we take the time out to make sure every package of Cafetinto contains the right proportions. We’ve done multiple test trials to figure out exactly how much ground coffee goes perfectly with our Panela sugar for the ideal cup. The ratios are simple: 40% coffee and 60% sugar, no more and no less, ready to be dissolved into your next morning coffee. Our beautiful blend is then prepared to be shipped off directly for you to enjoy.

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