The Benefits of Cafetinto

More Than Just A Coffee

We wished to create a coffee that not only tastes great and has health benefits, but can also be made anywhere without the need for tools. We also wanted to take it a step further and create a product that was eco-friendly and could help us assist the Pereira community here in Colombia. We believe that with Cafetinto, we’ve managed to produce what we’ve been hoping for and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! This has been many years of hard work and envisioning in the making and we’re beyond prepared to share our dreams.

Why choose Cafetinto? We’ve gathered together only 7 of the many positive ways Cafetinto benefits you and the community that came together to make it. Still not convinced? Read on!

100% Colombian Coffee

All of our coffee is sourced directly from Colombian soil. That’s right – 100% naturally harvested Colombian coffee beans! We wish to provide the best possible source for your morning cup and so we only work with the best coffee beans available. We make sure to pick and filter out only the best beans to use for grinding into goodness. The result is our special blend, perfect for rich and mild-flavored coffee, both strong and smooth.


Organic Colombia Panela

Most other companies resort to using refined sugar or syrups in creating their ideal coffee blends. We turn to organic Panela sugarcane, 100% straight from our Colombian Farms, for a source of sugar that is not only delectably sweet but also a healthy source of nutrients as well. Our process to harvest and convert the sugarcane into unrefined crystals is completely done by hand to ensure you get the highest quality of a sugar source available on the market. All-natural and delicious; we wouldn’t settle for anything less.

The Perfect Ratio

We’ve derived the perfect formula to bring you the best ratio of coffee to sugar. Our special cubes are packed with exactly 40% coffee beans and 60% panela sugarcane to bring just the right amount of richness and sweetness to your morning routine. We’ve tested many different types of ratios and amounts to find the perfect blend that’s not too bitter, not too overpowering. No longer will you have to worry about “how many tablespoons of sugar should I add?” – let us take care of the work for you.

Healthy Energy

Panela is a natural sugar that optimizes the level of energy within your body. Instead of synthetic products that consist of non-artificial sugars, we thrive to provide the opposite. Cafetinto thinks its best to provide not just an outstanding and unique flavor but also a boost in your level of energy.

Just Add Hot Water

Most packaged coffee brands have detailed steps, from filtering liquids to using complex tools or coffee makers. Cafetinto gets rid of all the messy work and condenses all you need in your coffee into one tiny cube. Just grab a mug of hot water and drop in one of our cubes and watch the magic happen! You’ll have your cup of coffee ready in minutes, perfectly blended and slightly sweet. Easy, accessible, fresh, and delicious coffee available anywhere and at any time; no tools necessary.

   No More Trash

No crinkled wrappers, no extraneous plastic packaging. All of Cafetinto is contained in our singular products to reduce all potential amounts of waste. Our packaging is made entirely out of recycled paper, so there’s no need to buy extra filters or produce excessive trash. Our product is eco-friendly and helps to save you time while also helping to save the planet. Tasting great has never felt so good.

Giving Back To Colombia

Because the source of our products and export of ingredients come directly from Colombia, we’re doing our part to give back to the communities. Having prosperous farms and increasing jobs for workers are our own ways to assist those who make this all possible. We’re taking the steps to help the Colombian community of Pereira grow, especially females by giving them chances to last in their communities with our work and resources provided. When you purchase our handcrafted products, you’re also giving back to the local communities who have worked hard to deliver the future of coffee to you. Give back to all of us as you get back to your perfect morning!