The Future of Coffee is Here

Our Cafetinto

Our perfect blend of coffee and panela sugar has little to no packaging waste, takes seconds to prepare and only requires a cup of water. Simple, healthy and delicious: welcome to the future of coffee.

“Cafetinto the perfect mix

out of two healthy ingredients

to boost your day.”

Why Choose Us?

Cafetinto has both sufficient nutrients for your body’s performance and well-being and amazing taste with our perfect combo of coffee and sugar. By combining all natural, unrefined panela sugar with 100% freshly sourced coffee beans from Columbia, we’ve derived the perfect new way for jump starting your day.


This isn’t your regular old cup of coffee; we’ve sourced and ground our beans directly from the Colombian soil for peak quality you can taste. Enjoy your energy boost in style!


Move over, refined sugar and syrups. Our panela sweetner is entirely organic and derived straight from the sugarcane itself as it’s boiled, dried, and ground into tiny crystals. The result? An all-natural sugar that’s not only deliciously sweet, but also a great source of vitamins and minerals.


Cafetinto: The perfect mix of two deliciously tasty and healthy products, ready to be incorporated into your daily routine.

“Cafetinto is extremely healthy due to our ideal combination of panela and coffee. The formula we created from combining the two ingredients was designed to bring out its healthy taste and natural flavor.”

Our Quality

We want nothing more than the best coffee product available on the market. That’s why we create our cafetinto first-hand through a multi-step process to maintain the highest quality possible.

Our coffee is entirely harvested from Colombian soil for the richest and strongest coffee beans we could find. Then we begin the process of peeling, fermenting, washing, and drying — treating our beans with the utmost of respect. After a nice toast in our ovens, the beans are ground and purified with hot water to produce the purest possible taste. We then extract only the best panela canes from our farms and cut them by hand (no machines here!). The cane is then boiled to produce a beautiful Blackstrap molasse — our wondrous source of all natural sugar. Once pulverized, we combine the sugar and purified coffee in the perfect ratio for our one-of-a-kind Cafetinto coffee.

Get ready to experience the fastest way to delicious coffee!

Cafetinto consists of 100% organic products that are all collected by hand. Our coffee has been made the same way it’s been traditionally curated for decades.

24 Coffee Cubes
7 gr a Cube

26 Coffee Pads
7 gr a Pad

Grounded Coffee
250 gr a Bag

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